Method To Clean Makeup Sponges In Oven? Easy Guide To Comprehend!

In the present world, we all have been focusing on our appearances pretty much. For improving appearance, different makeup and cosmetic lines have been introduced for improving the look.

Makeup is practiced regularly both for men and women to look great, but what about hygiene?

Putting makeup with particular sponges is a traditional method to blend it well, so it is essential to clean makeup sponges in the microwave so that the desired look is attained.

The easy to comprehend guide is stated below, consider reading out until the end.

How to clean makeup sponge with the microwave?

The easy technique of cleaning your makeup sponge can be practiced simply by adding on a safe microwave mug in the microwave for five minutes filled with the soapy water and makeup sponge within it.


The hot water will remove all the residue to different makeup products from the sponge and having a clean and fresh sponge to use. Let the water cool down then take out your makeup sponge from it.

Remember to the task cautiously as there is still hot water left in the sponge, so it might end up burning your hand if you don’t practice the squeeze appropriately.

Once you are done, then let it dry on its own, and your makeup sponge is clean to use for attaining the perfect glow of makeup. You can practice the same for your makeup brushes.

For taking care of your skin, it is essential to wash makeup sponge regularly so that your skin doesn’t get irritated with it.

Many people have been seen not washing their makeup sponge or brushes, not cleaning them for a long while, and using the same everyone.

If you want to take care of your skin, then cleaning makeup brushes is essential as it takes away the residue and oil or sebum present on your skin that one has absorbed after use.


From the details stated above, we can surely conclude to the aspect that it is appropriate to practice out cleaning makeup sponge for the desired glow.

Not washing your makeup sponge can ruin your complete makeup look as it will hinder the complete blending that allows one to have flawless skin.

Putting your makeup sponges in hot water can take out all the unwanted residue of makeup products and natural oil of your skin that might cause irritation and breakouts if not cleaned well.