Want To Take Care Of Your Makeup? Make One On Your Own!

Makeup has become an essential aspect nowadays in people’s life. Makeup and flawless skin go hand in hand.

Both men and women are considering the makeup and other cosmetics to highlight their features and fade out their flaws.

Cosmetics have become really expensive, so it is essential to take well care of it and make sure it doesn’t get ruined.

Storing all your makeup in a bag is a convenient idea that can provide you with ease during traveling. You can surely make a makeup bag without a zipper at home for storing your makeup.

DIY trick to make a makeup bag!

If you are willing to make a homemade makeup bag, then you have to be a little creative and patient for making one on your own. For making one, you would require two coordinating fabric, zipper, pins, coordinating thread, sewing machine, scissors, and ruler.

Cut fabric pieces into 51/2 *91/2 into two pieces of your fabric choice. On the table lay one of the outer fabrics face up and place the zipper on top once done, then face down the top edge meet the top edge of the fabric, for meeting the edge pay one of the lining pieces to meet top edge as well.

Pin along the edge; all three pieces get attached. Fix it with needle and thread and for final touch sew zipper foot along with top along that top edge.

Keep moving outer fabric on its outside right side up. Place the second part of lining fabric on the right side on the table, and then pieces just sewed needs to be sandwiched in between.

Baste and sew with the zipper foot on the top edge simultaneously that you performed for the other side. Take a ruler and move the zipper along two sides through the zipper and pinch each edge in by measuring it 21/2 inches across with a ruler.

The final verdict

We have assisted you with the guide on how you can make DIY makeup bag with homemade stuff at mere cost and save your makeup from getting ruined.

It is essential for people to look into taking care of the expensive makeup products, but not having an appropriate place to store them ruin all your makeup.

However, your DIY makeup bag can surely save your makeup, and you can use it more often to grab the flawless look.